You who are going to serve alcohol almost always need to apply for a serving permit. You apply for a serving permit from the municipality. The permit can be temporary or apply repeatedly for a certain period of time or apply all year round (permanent).

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About serving permit

The Alcohol Act (2010:1622) determines what applies to serving permits. The purpose of the Alcohol Act is to limit the harmful effects of alcohol, but the law also specifies requirements for how the business should be run.The municipality has also drawn up guidelines for serving alcohol as a supplement to the Alcohol Act to describe which local conditions the municipality takes into account when reviewing permits. You can take part in them here on the page. 

The Alcohol Act states that the municipality has a supervisory responsibility to ensure that the sale of alcoholic beverages takes place in accordance with current laws. It is the Building and Environment Board that carries out the annual supervision, which is carried out through visits to points of sale, but also through the collection of register extracts from, for example, the Police Authority and the Tax Agency to ensure that the law's requirements for financial prudence continue to be met.The municipality charges an annual fee for supervision.

In order to serve strong beer, wine, spirits and other fermented alcoholic beverages, you must in most cases have a serving permit. Serving means any form of delivery of alcoholic beverages for payment or compensation. Alcoholic beverages that are included in the entrance or participation fee are also served. 

  • The permit can be temporary or apply repeatedly during a certain period of time or apply all year round (permanent). Examples when a serving permit is needed: 
  • Restaurant operation with alcohol service.
  • Serving alcohol to closed parties such as associations or companies in banquet halls or association premises.

A temporary serving permit is needed, among other things, for serving at festivals or company events and other arrangements of a temporary nature. 

Anyone who carries out catering activities for closed parties can be granted a permanent serving permit on the condition that the premises where the serving takes place for each occasion is reported to and approved by the municipality.

The application for a serving permit can also be about the fact that an already granted permit needs to be extended, for example for outside serving or extended opening hours.


When is a permit not required?

A serving permit is not required for serving arranged:

  • On a one-off occasion for certain pre-determined persons. That is to say, it must not be an activity that recurs regularly. Weddings and anniversary parties are examples of occasional occasions.
  • On a single occasion without profit interest. That is to say, there must be no profit interest, either from the sale of the drinks or from any other part of the arrangement.
  • On a single occasion at no other cost to the participants than the cost of purchasing drinks. That is to say, there must not be a charge for, for example, food or entry.
  • On a single occasion in premises where there is no professional sale of alcohol or soft drinks. This means that a permit is required if the premises are, for example, a café or a shop where non-alcoholic beverages are normally sold.

If the participants drink their own alcoholic beverages or if the host/organizer offers alcoholic beverages or sells the beverages at cost price (purchase price), no permit is needed either, provided that the above criteria are met.


How do I apply?

A serving permit is sought within the municipality where the permit is to be used. In Överkalix municipality, the application is made to the municipality's Building and Environment Board. Via the links below you will find information on how to go about applying for a permit, information on processing times, forms and necessary attachments.

Permanent serving premit

Temporary serving permit for the public

Temporary serving permit for closed companies

The processing of permanent permits and temporary permits for serving to the public has a case file with the municipality as shown in the picture below. Processing of a temporary permit for a closed company has a shorter process in most cases without a referral and the decision is taken by the administrator instead of by a committee. 

According to the Alcohol Ordinance § 5 (2010:1636), the municipality must make a decision in a matter of a serving permit within four months of the application being complete. If it is necessary due to the investigation, the processing time may be extended by a maximum of four months. 

The municipality must inform the applicant of the reasons for extending the processing time before the original deadline has expired. The processing time begins after the application is deemed to be complete. The applicant will be notified of this in writing (post or email) from the case manager assigned to the case.

Överkalix municipality's ambitions for processing times are:

  • Permanent serving license to the public and closed parties, 10 working weeks.
  • Temporary serving permit to the public, 8 working weeks.
  • Temporary serving permit for closed parties, 2 working weeks.
  • Other matters from two working weeks up to a maximum of 9 working weeks.
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Requirements for obtaining a serving permit

When you apply for a serving permit, the Building and Environment Board assesses:

  • Risk of disturbances (neighbors, order, traffic, etc.),
  • The suitability of the applicant (knowledge, crime, debts, finances, financing).
  • Suitability of the premises (kitchen, dining room, fire safety, location).

A serving permit can be refused or restricted if the serving may entail alcohol policy inconveniences or a particular risk to human health, even if other requirements are met.Read more about the specific requirements for the most common types of permit in the information on the respective permit.

Accounting of financing

In the application from a new company, it is essential that you, the applicant, show a financing plan that shows where the capital is coming from.

This is to counteract the emergence of serving movements that are financed with illegal means. It must also show that you are not financially dependent on someone who is unsuitable to run a catering business according to Chapter 8 of the Alcohol Act. § 12, or is subject to such financial obligations that significantly limit your ability to decide on the operation of the catering business.

This also counteracts illegal competition within the industry.



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