Outdoor activities in the city center

The municipality is responsible for the maintenance of many of the parks and trails, both with and without playground equipment, that are found in the urban area.

Walk, exercise and play 

In central Överkalix, there are various options for those who want to walk or jog in a scenic environment. 

On Grelsbyberget there are paths and exercise tracks that lead to rest areas with beautiful views and interesting information about the place and its views. Maps of Grelsbyberget's trails and tracks are posted on Storgatan near the Poxkroken area and at the beginning of the trails. 

The beach promenade is an illuminated promenade that follows the banks of the Kalixälven river. Here there are benches and rest areas after the route. The walk offers both natural and cultural experiences and after the stretch there is also an outdoor gym for the public in connection with Överkalix camping. 

Playgrounds with swings and other play equipment are available in the school grounds and preschools. In winter, there is a skating rink between the Skogshallen ice rink and the Norrskenshallen/library.

Grafisk karta över Överkalix centralort med vägar och promendstråk utmärkta


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