Storlappberget Ski center

Storlappberget is home to our ski center for both cross country and downhill skiing. You can ski on well prepared cross country trails during the winter or on roller skis on asphalt trails when the snow is gone. 

Cross Country Skiing

Here you can cross country ski on well prepared trails in the winter and roller ski when the snow has gone.

Lighting on the ski trails is turned off every day at 22:00.

Changing rooms are locked every day at 21:00.

Lower temperature limit: -18 C 


In the summer there are running trails at Hallberget next to Storlappberget.

Downhill Skiing

During the winter season a ski lift is in operation at Storlappberget. Here you can downhill ski with 90 meters of fall height on the 440 meter slope.

There is also a sledding slope.

Group Bookings

Companies, clubs or groups who would like to use Storlappberget for commercial purposes are required to book in advance.  



Just north of the Överkalix exit on the E10 there is a crossroads with signs to Talljärv and Rullskidbana, turn left there. After approximately 900 meters turn left again and follow the road until you reach the ski center.


Download the nature map (naturkartan) mobile app for daily updates on trail conditions or visit:

check the temperature at Storlappberget here


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