Business office

The business office's task is to support and help entrepreneurs throughout the municipality, including residents and associations outside the urban area, in the best possible way.

Company visit

The Business office is happy to visit your company. We can help you with advice, business support, financing, development, establishment issues and contacts with the municipality. We would be happy to listen to your opinions about the business office's operations.

Contact the Business office on e-mail or telephone and together we will book a visit when it suits you.


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The voice of the entrepreneurs

- It is a great advantage to live and run a business in a municipality where everyone knows everyone, and where everything is close. I personally think that it is the size of the municipality that is the advantage here. We help each other and take care of each other in Överkalix. There is great security in that, says Veronica Bjälmsjö, owner of the hair salon Saxess by Veronica.

- The big advantage of working in Överkalix is ​​that everyone knows everyone, and that you have a closeness here that enables the development of personal relationships. I have clients who have hired me for the past 30 years. I know them and their businesses well, know what challenges they have and what path they want to take in the future, says Behzad Emami Yeganeh, Dona Data and Construction.