Available jobs

We publish vacancies both here and in Arbetsförmedlingens Platsbank

Extra staff are often needed in several areas. We are looking for you who want to help and can work as an hourly temporary worker in care and social care and school and preschool. 

The application must contain: 

  • Name
  • Contact details (residential address, e-mail, telephone)
  • Education/experience
  • Where you can substitute 

You who are looking for a job are always welcome with an application!

Temporary worker (varbi.com)

Bild med vårdpersonal
Bild: Pexels


Maria Partanen

Administratör Brännagården

0926 - 58 50 67

Kristina Olofsson

Administratör Tallviksgården

0926 - 741 08

Magnus Fornelid

Administratör hemtjänst/ omsorg/ personlig assistans

0926 - 741 45

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