A municipality has a large inflow and outflow of money. In the finance department, we work with budgets, reports, invoicing and bookkeeping, among other things.

Advantages of e-invoice

Instead of receiving a paper invoice with a payment card, you can have your invoice from the municipality presented in your internet bank. You can view it on the screen and then click to approve the payment. All information to make the payment is already filled in.

It becomes even easier if you combine e-invoicing with automatic payment, see below.

  • It's easy and safe
  • You get a good overview of the monthly payments
  • Payment can be made wherever you are in the world - all you need is a computer connected to the Internet.

  1. When a new electronic invoice arrives, you can see it when you log in to your internet bank.
  2. When you click on the electronic invoice, it appears on the screen. On the invoice you will see the municipality's name, invoice text, the amount to be paid, due date, etc.
  3. Check the information and approve the invoice. The invoice is then automatically paid on the due date via the internet bank.

  1. Log in to your internet bank.
  2. You click through to "Register e-invoice".
  3. Search:
    Överkalix kommun (for elderly care, childcare, rent invoices) or
    Överkalix kommun VA/RE (for Water/Cleaning invoices)
  4. Report e-invoice.
  5. Clear!



If you change your account number or bank, you must terminate your previous consent to e-invoicing before submitting a new notification. Contact your bank if you have any questions.




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