Protection of Health and the Environment

The Environmental Office is responsible for providing information and advice to the public, organizations and businesses and for processing cases submitted to the Environmental Department.

The Environmental Office is responsible for supervision and processing of cases relating to the sale and production of food and beverages, operations that are potentially hazardous to human health and/or the environment as well as issues such as noise control and dumping.

The Construction and Environment Board is the political board responsible for establishing boundaries and determining the focus of the work of the Environmental Department.

Report a nuisance or disturbance

The Environmental Code states that a disturbance includes:

  • the release of chemicals or untreated wastewater,
  • inadequate hygiene on premises where food is produced, served or stored,
  • noise from traffic and industrial sites,
  • indoor environments that are damp, moldy, too cold or hot, exposed to unsafe levels of radon, noisy or poorly ventilated, or
  • damage or harm caused by poor animal welfare or pests.

It is important that whoever is responsible for the disturbance has an opportunity to investigate and rectify the issue before a disturbance is reported to the Environmental Office.

If the disturbance involves housing or your living environment, the property owner or housing association has primary responsibility and we recommend that you begin by contacting them. This may also include noise from an enterprise.

If you do not receive any assistance despite contacting whoever is responsible, you may report the disturbance to the Environmental Office and we may be able to help you.

Here is information about who to contact if you experience a disturbance that is outside the areas of supervision of the Municipality:

    • Neglect or mistreatment of domestic animals
      Contact Norrbotten County Administrative Board
    • Neglect of land and buildings
      Contact the Construction and Environment Office via the operator 0926-740 00 or send an email to 
    • Wild animals (e.g vipers on your property or a badger under your house) See The Environmental Protection Agency’s website
    • Pest control on your own property
      Contact a local pest control specialist or your insurance company
    • Stray dogs
      Contact the police by telephoning 114 14
    • People not picking up after their dog/s
      Contact the police by telephoning 114 14.
    • Noise in indoor working environments
      Contact The Work Environment Authority

Food poisoning and complaints

It is important that suspicions of food poisoning are reported to the municipality. A quick notification can prevent others from becoming ill. If you as a consumer suspect that you or someone close to you has suffered from food poisoning after a visit to a restaurant, cafe or similar, you should immediately contact the municipality. After a report has been received, we will conduct an investigation. 



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