Refugee Reception Center

Every year Överkalix Municipality accommodates a number of refugees. 

The Refugee Reception Center aims to:

  • create a solid foundation for integration into life in Sweden
  • contribute to refugees being in good mental and physical health
  • strengthen refugees’ self confidence, awareness of their own rights and build trust
  • contribute to a positive attitude toward refugees in the municipality
  • help refugees become financially self sufficient as quickly as possible

The Refugee Reception Center observes the general principle of integration policy that all individuals should have equal rights and equal opportunities regardless of ethnic or cultural background.  

To achieve our goals the practical work we carry out at the Refugee Reception Center focuses on the following:

  • helping refugees become independent as quickly as possible by helping them learn Swedish, become financially self sufficient and find their own housing
  • building on refugees’ existing knowledge and experience to create employment opportunities
  • working to create opportunities for active leisure time and participation in cultural life in Överkalix


Anna-Lena Bjälmsjö

Enhetschef arbetsmarknad och integration/ Resurspoolen


Anna Bjälmsjö


0926-741 71 070-107 65 42


0926-740 00

Överkalix kommun 
Storgatan 17 
956 81 Överkalix