Building, Renovation and Extensions

If you are planning on building, renovating or extending a house you may need to notify the Municipality or apply for a building permit. Applications or notifications should be made well in advance of work commencing.

Building permit or notification?

For new buildings and larger extensions you will need to apply to the Municipality for a building permit. This is required irrespective of whether or not the building is located within the detailed development planning area.

Certain work that does not require a building permit still requires you to officially notify the Municipality.  This means that you must submit an official notification if you, for instance, plan on installing a fireplace in your home or if you are performing significant interior renovations that change the structure or floorplan of your home.

The Municipality is required to process your application/notification within 10 weeks of the date we receive it. If we require additional information from you, your case will be processed within 10 weeks of us receiving the additional information. If a case requires further investigation, we are able to extend the processing time by up to 10 weeks.

A fee is paid for processing of applications/notifications. The sum varies based on factors such as the size and scope of the work to be carried out, but we are not allowed to charge more than what it actually costs us to process your case.