Notice board

Announcements and the minutes of meetings from boards and committees can be found on the notice board.

Meetings of the Municipal Council

  • Meetings of the Municipal Council are open to the public and can be followed on location or online.
  • Meetings are held in Överkalix Community Center (Folkets Hus), Bulandsgatan 2. The Community Centre is also responsible for the webcast.
  • The webcast is live which means that the link for viewing the meeting is not available until the meeting begins. All meetings can be viewed afterwards via the link provided.

Official Register

The municipality is responsible for storing and organizing all documentation so as to uphold the right of access to public documents. For this reason an official register of all documentation is maintained by the municipality. Contact the municipality if you wish to access any of the documents in the official register.

When is the next meeting?

In 2023, the municipal council meets on the following days: 

  • Monday 27 February
  • Monday April 24
  • Monday 26 June
  • Monday 30 October
  • Monday December 4 

Municipal council meetings always start at 2 p.m.


When the municipality's minutes are adjusted, they become public documents and usually public. The protocols are published based on the requirements for confidentiality and data protection regulation (GDPR). Some protocols, or parts of protocols, are protected by the Privacy Act and are therefore not posted on the website. You can find all published protocols here:


The municipality must ensure that documents are preserved, kept in order and cared for, so that the right to access public documents is maintained. Therefore, a register, diary, is established of the public documents held by the municipality. Contact the municipality if you want to take part in documents contained in the diary.

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