Politics & organisation

A municipality is a politically controlled organization, where the politicians who rule have been elected by the citizens. The politicians are then called elected officials.

Community service 

Överkalix municipality is responsible for most of the community services available in the municipality. Among the most important tasks are preschool, school, library, social services and care for the elderly. 

The organization and governance of municipalities is regulated in the Municipal Act, which is common to all municipalities and county councils. The municipalities are also governed by special laws such as the Social Services Act, the School Act and the Planning and Building Act. 

Our politicians are tasked with representing the citizens and making decisions about the goals, focus and quality of community services. As citizens, we have great opportunities to influence and control how the municipality carries out its tasks.


Political leadership

The political leadership in Överkalix municipality consists of the municipal council (KF) and the municipal board (KS). Under the municipal board there are three committees: The general committee (AU), the children and education committee (BU) and the social care committee (SU).

Överkalix municipality also has three political committees in addition to the municipal board:

The Building and Environment Board (BMN), The electoral committee, Individual committee.


Bild av politiskt organisationsträd för Överkalix kommun.



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