Heating Pumps

You are required to notify the Construction and Environment Board prior to installing a heating pump or altering an existing pump.

Fill in the appropriate form well in advance of installation/alteration to register your notification. The Construction and Environment Board charges a fee for processing the notification. The fee is set by the Municipal Council.

Make sure that any operator you hire to drill a geothermal well is accredited and affiliated with a trade organization.

Information about accreditation is available on the SITAC website. Familiarize yourself with provisions in the Consumer Services Act before hiring a drilling contractor.

Well drilling must be carried out professionally and in compliance with Normbrunn 97

Geothermal wells that are positioned too close to one another can “steal” energy from each others’ energy uptake area. For this reason wells should not be drilled closer than 20 meters from one another without the consent of the owner of the neighboring well.

If a well is planned in a position closer than 20 meters from a neighboring well a written consent from the owner of the affected well should accompany your registration of an official notification.

When assessing cases we take into account, among other things, the protection of sources of drinking water as well as any potential risks to human health or the environment.

In areas where there are protected water sources permission is not granted to install heating pumps placed in rock, soil or water.

Heating pumps entail a risk of emissions of cooling agents or heat transfer fluids into air, ground or water.

  • If they leak underground, cooling agents such as glycols or other alcohols may lead to increases in levels of iron and manganese in groundwater. They can also cause the production of hydrogen sulfide that leads to foul smelling water.  
  • Heat transfer fluids may also contain additives that are harmful to organisms in soil and water.

Hoses and fittings should be tested for pressure and tightness with clean water or air before a heating pump is used for the first time. This test must be carried out by a qualified professional and a certificate must be submitted to the Construction and Environment Board at Överkalix Municipality.

Sufficient insulation is required when passing water or wastewater pipes. The Municipality also places specific demands on insulation when passing municipal water or wastewater pipes. 




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