Public services

A municipality makes major service efforts so that you can live a good life. Garbage collection, snow removal, parks, water and sewer, and much more.

Överkalix municipality has an SMS service that will be used in the event of operational disruptions, for example urgent water leaks, or planned pipe maintenance. If you have a mobile phone that is registered at the address where you live, you can receive information about malfunctions via SMS.

Of course, we also inform about our operational disruptions via the website and our Facebook page, and in some cases via local radio.

How did we get your number?

Your mobile number is retrieved from your telecom operator's database. If you are registered at an address, and have a mobile phone that is registered at the same address, you will automatically receive our SMS messages relating to that particular property.

You who want notifications to an additional/different phone

Even you who have a protected number, unregistered cash card, or who own a holiday home in the municipality, can take advantage of the service. You do this by signing up above at "SMS service disruptions".

The SMS service is also good for you who own several properties, or who want to receive information about operational disruptions at, for example, elderly relatives, or unmanned facilities.


If you want to cancel one or more of your, or your family's, mobile phone subscriptions from the SMS service, that is also easy to do.

The text messages will not be used for any kind of sales or marketing.


The technical department 

The technical department takes care of everything to do with municipal land and real estate, housekeeping and food within municipal operations, as well as cleaning and recycling. In the technical department, procurement and investment work, handling of housing adaptation grants, and energy consultancy are managed. Operation and maintenance of the municipality's properties, as well as key management for these, is also managed from here. 

The technical department is also in charge of the municipality's production and catering kitchen, as well as leading the work with the premises maintenance for the municipality's operations. Water/sewer (W/A) and sanitation, as well as Furunäset's Environmental Centre, also belong to the technical department. 

The municipal board is the political committee that establishes frameworks and specifies the direction for the technical department's activities.



Rune Ekholm

Teknisk chef

0926 - 740 31

Per Larsson


0926-740 32

Henrik Andersson

Kost- och lokalvårdschef

0926 - 741 06

Per Nilsson Tuorda

Upphandlare/ inköpssamordnare

0926 - 740 29

Remi Jomier


0926 - 740 57