Emptying Septic Tanks

Emptying septic tanks that form part of private wastewater systems is covered by the municipal monopoly on sanitation services. This means that by law septic tanks must be emptied by a municipal contractor.

Septic tanks are emptied annually according to the published schedule so you can see when the contractor is operating in your village/area.

Additional emptying can be requested if you would like the removal to occur outside of scheduled times. Acute emptying can be requested. Contact the Operations Manager as required. 

Preliminary schedule for emptying of septic tanks:
(Note that this is a preliminary schedule that may change)

  • June: Tallvik, Furunäs, Hällan, Kangis, V Stråkan, V Rödupp, V Ansvar, Vallsjärv, Jockfall 
  • July: Ö Ansvar, Granberget, Mjölaskatan, Lillselet, Ö Rödupp, Ö Stråkan, Nybyn, Posjärv 
  • August: All villages along the road called "västbyggarvägen”, Kälvudden, Boheden, Hultet, Vislakt, Heden, Landet, Svedjan, Gyljeheden, Gyljen, Pjäran, M Sandsjärv, N Sandsjärv, Tvärån, Lansån, Krokfors, Naisheden, Naisjärv. 
  • September: Lomträsk, Miekojärvi, Pojmis, Allsån, Allsjärv, Ertsjärv, Y Lansjärv, Lillsund, Valheden, Lansjärv, Storsund, Stubblandet, Sanningslandet, Ängesån
  • September/October: Kypasjärv, Kilisjärv, Svartträsk/svartberget, Ytterlinningen, Orrfors, Mjöträsk, Byträsk, Svartbyn, V Svartbyn

Please remember:
  • The tanker needs to be able to park within 20 meters of your septic tank emptying point in order to empty it.
  • If the tanker is unable to park within 5 meters of your emptying point the removal hose will need to be extended. There is a charge of 150 SEK for every 5 meters of extension required.
  • The property owner is responsible for ensuring that the tanker is able to access the emptying point. Clearly mark out where you want the tanker to drive.
  • The tanker needs an access path that is at least 3.5 meters wide. Trees, branches and other obstacles cannot be lower than 4.5 meters.
  • The emptying point must be clearly marked so that the contractor can easily locate it (e.g. you could use a flag).
  • Make sure that the drain cover is easily able to be lifted off by the tanker operator (i.e. remove anything that may be covering it or weighing it down).

As the owner or user you are responsible for ensuring that the system does not pose any potential hazards for anyone working with slurry removal. If your drain cover is heavier than 25 kg or is a concrete cover with a diameter in excess of 600 mm it should be replaced with a lighter alternative.

For exemptions from emptying apply to the Construction and Environment Department at Överkalix Municipality.

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