Club and Societies Center

The club and societies center at Skolgatan 4 is a place where clubs, societies and organizations can meet and operate.

Clubs and Societies Center  - Section 1

Section one of the Clubs and Societies Center is located on campus at Skolgatan 4.

Here there are offices, study rooms, meeting and conference rooms and storage rooms for organizations that receive municipal rental subsidies and for clubs and organizations the municipality is required to provide premises for.

Clubs and Societies Center - Section 2

Section two of the Clubs and Societies Center is in the northern part of the complex at Skolgatan 4. In addition to an office space of 16 m2, tenants here also have access to a coffee room and smaller meeting rooms. One of the offices is currently rented to Överkalix Horse Club and the other five are available for rent.


Clubs and organizations with operations/activities aimed at children and young people are prioritized.


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