Local Government structure

A municipality is a politically governed organization run by publicly elected representatives.

Public Services

Överkalix Municipality is responsible for providing the majority of the public services in the municipal area. Among the most important are preschools, schools, the public library, social services and care of the elderly.

The structure, organization and management of Swedish regions and municipalities is governed by the Local Government Act. Municipalities are also subject to special laws such as the Social Services Act, the Education Act and the Planning and Construction Act.

Elected representatives have the task of representing citizens and making decisions on the goals, focus and quality of any public services provided. As citizens we have the opportunity to influence and control how the municipality carries out its tasks. 

Political Government

The political government in Överkalix Municipality is made up of the Municipal Council and the Municipal Board. Three committees operate under the Municipal Board: the General Committee, the Children and Education Committee and the Social Care Committee.

In addition to the Municipal Board, Överkalix Municipality also has three political boards:

  • Construction and Environment Board
  • Election Board
  • Social Services Board