Näringsliv & Företag
19 Dec 2023

Company and association supporter in Överkalix

A unique project for Norrbotten - Corporate & Association Supporter Överkalix - has been granted SEK 1,971,582 in support. The project will last for three years and then help individual entrepreneurs, mainly small entrepreneurs, and village associations and interest associations to apply for investment and/or project support.

The project will give companies and associations good opportunities to develop and grow and make Överkalix municipality even more attractive to live in, move to and to run businesses in. Now the municipality is looking for a consultant who can lead and implement the project. The project will contribute to the fact that the local actors, to a greater extent than today, seek support that can develop their businesses and the places they live in. In the future, this can lead to increased growth of and among companies with more investments and new jobs, not least among female entrepreneurs. In the villages, we want to see more young people, under the age of 30, get involved and stay in the association's work. We want to see real development of the attractiveness of the villages with services, meeting places, upgrading of village cottages, trails, walking and cycling paths, playgrounds and more. The three-year project will last 2024-26 and is financed by Leader Polaris and Överkalix municipality.

Published 20 Dec 2023 11:02
Last updated 27 Dec 2023 11:32