School bus

Students who need school bus to elementary school have to apply for it, before every new school year.

School bus, elementary school

From 2024-05-06 everyone who needs school bus must apply for that.

Students who need school bus to elementary school have to apply for it, before every new school year. That it meant for students in elementary school and customized elmentary school.

To be able to apply for school bus, the student has to be registered in Överkalix municipality.

School bus to and from preschool will not be granted.

Apply for school bus at the latest at May 31 in our e-service (linked below this text).

Student trips to the senior high school 

The application for student and connecting journeys to the school year 2024/2025 opens up at 2024-07-01.

Who gets free school bus?

A student in preschool class, elementary school or customized elmentary school has the right to free school bus, if it's necessary in consideration of the lenght of the journey, traffic conditions, the student's disability or other special circumstances. When a student apply for school bus, every one of these conditions will be tried individually in the single case.

This right does not apply to students choosing to go to another school unit, than the one the municipality otherwise would have placed them. In the cases this can be done without organizational or economical difficulties, the municipality will arrange school bus even in these cases.

Renewed application has to be done for every school year.

If a student will get free school bus, the nearest way beetween home and school has to be at least:
F-3 more than 2 km, and pupil living in:
Norra Tallvik
Grelsbyn, west of road 796
Grelsbyn, east of road 796 after S Grelsbyvägen 8
År 4 – 6 more than 3 km
År 7 – 9 more than 4 km

Student living in the city of Överkalix (Bränna) will not be granted for free school bus.

The distances refers to the nearest suitable walking distance to school or the closest bus stop.

Before every school year parents will have to apply of school bus if any of the factors below applies to the student:

  • Traffic conditions
    If the closest suitable school route, considering the child's age, is assessed as particulary dangerous, would - after individual assessment - free school bus without consideration of the distance will be granted.

Apply to the school bus case manager at Överkalix kommun. If necessary, assessments takes place in consultation with the Technical office or other actors.

  • Disability or other special circumstances
    Pupil with disability or other special circumstance, for example medical reasons, can get free school bus irrespective of the distance.

The need has to be confirmed by a certificate from the student health office or another care agency.
The estimation of needing school bus takes place in consultation with school management and student health office.

The starting point of the pupil's right to school bus forms by the student's civil registration address. In some cases the point of departure can be a residental address which is not the student's home address, for instance by alternatly living.

Astudent living alternatly by the parents in the same municipality can apply to school bus from both home addresses to school and back home, regardless of which one of the addresses the student is registered at.

If the student goes to school in the registered municipality, but lives alternatly in another municipality, the student has no right to school bus between school and the home in the other municipality.

How to apply

1. Parent applies to school bus at the municipality. Apply at the latest at May 31 in our e-service.

2. The municipality decides about the apply and announces decision.

3. The case manager compiles students with school bus in a list and uploads the list to the school portal.

4. The school portal makes accounts to new students and sends ut accountant information.

5. Parents logs in into the school portal and chooses phone app or plastic card.

6. Student uses phone app or plastic card to travel to and from school.

To make the school bus be aviable from the start of the school year, the appliance must have been sent at the latest at May 31. The decision will be sent to the parent in good time before the school starts.

If the appliance arrives in ongoing school year, some processing time can occur.

Decisions are made in every individual case and will be notified to the parent in our e-service.

In matters of dealing with school bus handling the individual can demand review.

This kind of demanded review must be written to Barn- och Utbildningsnämnden in Överkalix kommun, which will take the final decisive decisiton.

The school bus implementation

School bus is offered firstly by scheduled traffic by Länstrafiken. if scheduled traffic is missing school bus will be offered by of Överkalix municipality procured traffic.

The municipality is primarily responsible for decisitions about school buses, information in the school portal and handling the students in the school portal.

Länstrafiken is responsible for questions about tickets and ticket system, the scheduled traffic and operation of the school portal.

Boarding and disembarkation has to be at bus stops approved and marked by Länstrafiken. Boarding and disembarkation where there is no bus stop has to be in consultation with the bus line's contractor.

Parents has the responsibility for the student on the way between home and the bus stop and during the waiting period until the student enters the vehicle.

The school bus is not responsible for students being late to the bus stop. If the student is late for ordinary bus, no extra bus trip is granted. if the student misses the bus, it's the parent's responsability to get the student to school.

The bus driver is responsible for the students during transport and makes sure applicable traffic regulations are followed. According to law every student must have to use the seat belt and follow the rules of procedure.

The school is responsible for the student at arrival to school.

As an introduction at the school year's start, the school staff helps the students from the bus stop to the school. The same procedure applies to the journey home efter school until the student boarded the school bus.

More information

School bus travels is arranged to and from a place adjacent to the student's home. School bus will be organized according to, for instance, the traffic conditions. There is no general obstacles against students to, for example, get referred to special bus stops in the neighbourhood of the home or the school. According to the preparatory work it will in every individual case especially pay attention to any student's disability and if there is a need pick up the student at the student's home.

At the individual examination in consideration of the traffic conditions the municipality weighs in for instance the student's age and maturity and the road's traffic hazard. The assessment of the traffic conditions are alike, whether if it's according to the right for school bus or if it's a question about the road between the home and a bus stop. Beyond the actual conditions about traffic conditions, the parent's supervisory responsibility is weighed into the assessment for right to school bus according to the traffic situation. Assessment is made in consultation between the municipality's Technical office and Länstrafiken.

No, the right to use the school bus does not imply the school bus to match exactly with every student's school schedule.

The municipality is free, to a certain extent, to coordinate the bus trips even if it makes long waiting time for some of the students. The waiting time will not be unreasonable. What is a resonable waiting time for a student, has to be estimated in every single case.


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