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Would you like to avoid queues, live closer to nature and have more time to spend with your family? If so, then Överkalix is the right spot for you. You are allways welcome to contact us for questions and information.



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Överkalix kommun 
Storgatan 17 
956 81 Överkalix

Whether you choose to live in the town center or out in the countryside, in a house or an apartment, you will always find high-quality living in picturesque surroundings. The Arctic Circle runs through the municipality, so you can choose which side you want to live on and the Northern Lights and Midnight Sun are always included.

Dissected by the Arctic Circle and bounded by a pristine river in the heart of the Scandinavian taiga you will find Överkalix in the middle of Swedish Lapland.

We may be one of the smallest municipalities in Swedish Lapland, but we offer huge opportunities when it comes to careers and quality of life.

Local enterprise in the area is growing and cooperation is the way forward. The entrepreneurial spirit in Överkalix is also present in other areas like the numerous popular events hosted by the municipality every year, truly placing Överkalix in the heart of Swedish Lapland.  

Överkalix is located In the middle of Swedish Lapland next to the Kalix River. The center of town is about 80 minutes from Luleå Airport by car. 

The municipality covers an area of approximately 2900 km².

Central Area

Central Överkalix is spread over the area where the Kalix River meets Änge Stream. The center of town is called Bränna and is on the same side of the Kalix River as Grelsbyn and Brännaberget. On the other side of the river is Tallvik where the health center is located.


There are a number of villages of different sizes in the municipality. Svartbyn, Vännäsberget, Gyljen, Jockfall and Lansjärv are the largest. A number of companies have their premises in the villages of the municipality, meaning that not everything is concentrated in the town center.